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The Single Friend, Video

[Re-posted from my previous blog, Mar. 2017]

I had many first ideas for this project and made a couple treatments before I ultimately decided that it would be best to stick with my first idea, what it’s like to be single in a group of friends who aren’t. From there I brainstormed things I have experienced and heard as a single amongst couples. I asked eight couples to help with the project and ended up getting six of them to do it. The filming took place in three different houses and one park over a weekend in Corvallis. The editing was the most time consuming part of the process. I had to do about four rounds of edits for each video before putting them together. First to take out the excess giggling and takes, then figure out which phrases/takes were the best, then edit them so they made a little more sense and cut down for time, and then started putting them together. As I put them together I organized them into the four categories that appear in the video and added the music, by Scott Holmes, found on

It was a bit of a headache getting through the whole process, but it was good to go through the whole process start to finish. It was really fun to shoot with my friends and more than a couple times I heard, ‘what the heck I say this stuff to you all the time!’ I learned a lot about what it takes to commit to making a video start to finish and the unexpected miniature disasters you have to deal with throughout the process. I feel I could’ve done better while filming making sure the environment was in optimum conditions for recording, as well as directing the talent to speak up a little louder and more clearly and not glance down so much during takes. But for what I had to work with I think I had a pretty successful outcome and I enjoyed making it.