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[Re-posted from my previous blog, Sept. 2017]

I’ve been struggling with finding words to express my thoughts and feelings about Lewis. Now of course feels a little late, though I feel it would do good to say something.

I really only knew Lewis during our shared time at Goldmine, so it is hard for me to consider myself a true friend of his; yet I, like many, feel his loss deeply. He is one of the only surviving memories I have from Goldmine that sticks out. Of course there are the many times during that week that his name was called out like a battle cry, and his easy going crooked smile would spread across his flushed face, but something else sticks out during our last day. I remember as we were packing up and leaving Lewis just standing alone, something rare during Goldmine. I walked over to his side and asked him how he was and if he needed any help. I don’t remember exactly what he said-I was incredibly sleep deprived at the time and it has been about six years-but the jist of what he told me was that he felt like he should’ve done more, said more, and felt like he didn’t really belong there. I simply told him,

You did this. You were the common ground that helped bond everyone together in the beginning. If anyone truly belonged it would be you. We literally scream your name out all the time because we all value your presence that much. You may not have said everything or done everything you wanted, but what you did say and do everyone held their breath for.

And I get the feeling that he continued to make that kind of impact throughout his life.