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Five Basic Tastes, Video

[Re-posted from my previous blog, Feb. 2017]

This project stumped me at first and I admittedly didn’t really have an idea of how I wanted it to look until after I started putting the different pieces together. I landed on the idea of the five basic tastes while talking to my dad about a tasting lab he integrates in one of his food science classes. I have always been sensitive to tastes and the idea of stripping taste down to the basics was appealing to me. I initially was going to use my sister as talent, but she backed out at the last second and my mom stepped in instead. I filmed the parts with her at her house and the footage of the raw ingredients at my home. The voiceover was recorded with one of the snowball microphones and the music is a song called Old Photos by Ben Fehr; both were combined and edited down in audacity. When I began putting the project together in premier I had to slow down the footage to 24 frames per second because the footage of the food looked better and less shakey. Other than that the editing process was intuitive to learn and pretty simple.

This video is the first I have ever created and I realize that the outcome is far from perfect, the focus especially, but it was a good process to learn from and I understand more about the entirety of making video content. Next time I will definitely double check the focus on a larger screen while I shoot and take extra footage as a backup.  At the very least I hope that the video is interesting enough to watch all the way through.