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[Re-posted from my previous blog, Mar. 2017]

It’s hard to be an artist and feel like you have to be achieving new creative things all the time. I personally struggle a lot with this and often fall into funks where I just do not like any of the work I am coming up with. At the beginning of one of my current classes I learned an interesting exercise that has helped me battle these feelings and keep me striving for more creative images.

Very simply, I stand in one spot, and shoot a series of ten compositionally different things. As of writing this I’ve done a few sets of this and have found that the easiest way to do this is with some kind of zoom lens and a location that has variety to it. Below is a set I did on a bridge in a local park that is heavily trafficked by people. It was easy to get the first few images, but around the sixth one I had trouble coming up with new and different things to photograph. Overall it was a fun and interesting short exercise that made me think harder about creativity and composition.

Anna Smith