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An Operatic Voice

[Re-posted from my previous blog, Apr. 2017]

People who know me know one of the things I’ve consistently loved is music. When I was younger I tried to sing at least 10 hours a week and succeeded for quite awhile. However as my voice got better I also became more shy. During that time I used singing as an escape and was reluctant to let anyone in on the hours of me-time and so the only person who really encouraged me to sing, was me. As I got older and moved on in my life my love and taste in music grew and diversified, but I stopped singing as much because I was ‘busy’ and didn’t continue to push myself like I did in other areas where I was offered more support. And only recently I realized just how much I miss it.

I came to this revelation a couple months ago when I was spending a lot of time in the car traveling and singing along with the radio, and since then I’ve been trying to better my voice again. Through this process I stumbled upon opera music. I have always admired classical music but never really got into opera because it was one of the only genres of music my mother could not stand. Now I can listen to it freely without being chastised, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. The following is one of the first things that I heard that made me want to try and learn to sing in a more operatic style. I admire Sabine Devieilhe’s music greatly and it has largely inspired me to go on this opera journey. I don’t expect to become a famous or even good singer, but it is nice to have something to work hard and practice at in my free time again.