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A Break in Nature

[Re-posted from my previous blog, May 2017]

I have not posted in awhile, mostly because school has been kicking my butt, but also because I didn’t feel I had enough content to actually make a post. I’ve taken plenty of photos since my last post-I went to train day, an abandoned car lot, done a series of portraits, and more but none of them really felt post worthy. These ones were taken on the fly on an impromptu hiking trip with friends. It was a nice and easy break from the business of my usual schedule, being able to slow down and shoot for fun was a good recess from the mostly structured shoots I’ve been doing. I enjoyed seeing what my friends could do with the camera too and most of the photos they took, I just edited them down. Perhaps after the term is over and I can breathe I will post some of the others, but for now these ones will have to do.

Anna Smith