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[Re-posted from my previous blog, March 11 2017]

For those of you who do not know, today [March 11] is my 21st birthday. Now in our culture it’s a pretty big deal-it more or less means that I’m an official adult. I’ve had three years out in the ‘real world’ and can now legally do some pretty cool stuff, and get in some pretty deep crap if I screw up. But at the moment that doesn’t matter to me and I want to bring some things to your attention. For the past few years I’ve been struggling with my personal identity. I hate labels, those of you who know me well know this. I don’t do well with defining myself in the tight boxes that society gives me. But as a now, ‘official adult,’ I feel the need to share what I’ve learned about myself in my 21 years of living.

I am NOT straight. This may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, but I feel that many of you will say to yourself, ‘Finally! She came out!’ Now in terms of which box I put myself into, I don’t really know still. For some of my more conservative friends and relatives this may feel inauthentic or even like I’m just trying to get attention, but right now I don’t feel the need to define myself the way so many others do. I like people; sometimes it’s a male, sometimes a female, a non-binary person, it doesn’t matter to me the way it does to most others. That doesn’t make me a slut, I’m actually quite fond of monogamy. Or confused, the whole point of the post is to clear up any confusion for others. Or less of a person, I’m just a human who likes humans.

Finally, and I’ve spoken out about this before after the Orlando shooting, I want to talk and expand a little about the struggles I’ve faced in my gradual coming out as a queer person. As I’ve been coming out to those around me other peoples’ perception of me has changed. Some people when they find out are thrilled, some dismayed or disgusted, some girls express concern about spending time alone with me, and some guys just want to know if I’m into threesomes. But almost universally people want to know the specifics and put me into the tight boxes I’ve worked so hard at breaking from. So let me just say it a little louder now-I don’t need those boxes right now, you can keep them. They come with too many stereotypes and misconceptions and for now I’m fine without them. For now all I want you to know and understand is that even with this new information about me and without those boxes, I am still me. I really haven’t changed as much as people seem to think. I still love dogs and photography, and I still hate how unreasonable I can be at times. I’m just tired of feeling like I’m hiding this from people. I want you to know and understand, so if you have any further questions for me, please message me and I’ll do my best to help you out.