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About the Artist

Anna CK Smith, or as many of her friends know her, Annie, is from the Pacific Northwest in the U.S. Ms. Smith learned to love art a young age and was very active in the analog photography and graphic design scene all through k-12 school and currently attends Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon in pursuit of degrees in the Multimedia and Web design programs. In a personal statement Anna said this about her art:

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

“In the past I always kept my art private. I viewed it as a creative way to document an intensely intimate and emotional narrative that was for myself, not others. Only recently have I started sharing it with others with the realization that allowing others to view my work is a courageous way to connect with me and share emotions and a vision. I started this site as a way to share my art with the world, as well as serve as a portfolio. I hope you enjoy.”
— Anna CK Smith